BitCherry Weekly Report(2019.07.29~08.04)

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4 min readAug 5, 2019


1.Team dynamic

On July 30, after signed strategic cooperation agreements with Indonesia chamber of commerce (KADIN), BitCherry founder and CEO-Paul, COO-Kilian, Asia Percific COO-Kayla and various elite represents of BitCherry were invited by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), and conducted in-depth offline communication and discussion with ICCI (KADIN) on those issues, such as how to realize the commercial application of Indonesian blockchain、how to lead the economy transition, etc. The two parties will continue to deepen the strategic cooperation and reach a deep consensus from multiple perspectives, multiple fields.

On July 30, BitCherry Asia Pacific COO Kayla was invited to participate in the annual offline Crypto Seminar of which is Indonesia’s largest blockchain vertical media. BitCherry Asia Pacific COO Kayla had in-depth discussions with the representatives of well-known blockchain projects in Indonesia on those issues such as how blockchain technology can guide the transformation and development of Indonesia’s economy. After the seminar, Coinvestasi sincerely invited BitCherry as the representative of excellent blockchain project to participate in the October roadshow event-CUMLAUDE CRYPTO 2019 which will be organized by

2.Project cooperation

On July 30, BitCherry announced the signing of strategic cooperation agreement with SCC and WTIA in Indonesia. The three parties will work together to build a comprehensive smart city project with an investment of about $42 billion — — “the Tunisian Economic City”. BitCherry distributed network will fully cover smart city living scenarios, and its project token BCHC will also be used in all payment scenarios in urban ecology to meet people’s needs of the complex payment. BitCherry founder and CEO-Paul said: “BitCherry will build distributed blockchain infrastructure platform of global wisdom city , and will be applied to more offline payment scenarios. Through this economic model, BitCherry will provide users a reasonable return, will further promote the circulation and transaction of users’ data, constantly improve the optimization of urban experience and create more wisdom applications.”

3.Media report

BitCherry, the world’s first distributed e-commerce network, attended the GBIS 2019 in Indonesia as co-organizer and main sponsor on July 29–30. During the summit, Blockchain Media Indonesia、Coinvestasi、BitcoinMedia、BitcoinNews、Coinspeaker、NullTix、 CryptoNewsZ、vnbit and other famous media in Indonesia and Vietnam, Daily consumption、 China Week、China business news、China consumer net、Blockchain evening、 Blockchain news、cointime、New York、 cimo technology news and other domestic well-known media, all these media has reported the folliowing themes: BitCherry’s strategic business layout in Southeast Asia; The strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Indonesian government; Working with the Indonesian government to transform Indonesian economy.

4.Community Progress

1,This week, Twitter followers increased by more than 100% compared with the last week. It is worth mentioning that in July, Twitter impressions exceeded 210,000 times, and the number of mentions increased by nearly 300% compared with the previous month. Instagram impressions increased by 230% this week compared with the last week. The total pageviews from Sina weibo BitCherry official account increased by 500% this week compared with the last week, clicks increased by nearly 800%,repost + comment + like increased by 450%,followers increased by more than 150%. Last but not least BitCherry has built WhatsApp Indonesia community and over 200 Indonesian VIP and VVIP member has joined during the summit.

2,During the Global Blockchain Investment Summit 2019(Indonesia) on July 29th-30th, local crypto exchange platform representatives and users were visited BitCherry’s booth for in-depth communication. And 130,000,000 IDR airdrop event in BitCherry telegram community attracted a large number of users to participate in, we have launched the second round airdrop event in BitCherry’s official telegram community-BitCherry Global and WhatsApp community. Furthermore, we have launched lucky draw activity, follow us on BitCherry’s official Facebook and Instagram.

The GBIS (Indonesia) VIP dinner was sponsored and organized by BitCherry at 29th July, this dinner has invited representatives of the Indonesian government, project representative and speakers. During the banquet, BitCherry held a BCHC Sweepstake, all guests were actively participated in a great atmosphere. The prize went to the final 16 VVIP guests, also helps BitCherry drove a massive attention.

5.Technical progress

This week, BitCherry technical team mainly completed the discussion of consensus process design ideas, transformation design of main data structure, main process implementation of communication module of super node.

Data structure transformation design:

Modify the block structure by adding a list of supernode signatures and hashes for unconfirmed blocks, and add a snapshot of the Merkle Trie tree structure that holds voting data.

Change transaction structure and add transaction types to differ transfer and inter-contract call transactions, voting/election transactions.

Communication module:

NodeMsgService, a super node communication module, is designed and implemented to receive/send the unconfirmed blocks generated between super nodes, as well as the signature receipt.

Modify miner’s out-of-block broadcast mechanism to use the NodeMsgService as the message broadcaster.

params module:

Added gdpos configuration parameters, including block time, number of consecutive blocks, number of super nodes, and creation block super node information, etc.

cmd module:

New startup — nmsaddr option to specify the address and port of communication between supernodes. Default port: 9765.

consensus module:

Gdpos consensus module option was added, and dpos+ BFT consensus architecture was preliminarily designed and implemented.

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