Let’s Find Out More Details About BitCherry Blockchain Main Network Roadmap

As mentioned above, we will make some attempts for decentralized finance. Our goal is to launch more than 100 Dapp.

  • Payment: Users can purchase the product in BitCherry ecology applications by BCHC, and enjoy the rebate.
  • Finance Service: Users can lend the USDT at the BitCherry ecology financial applications by mortgage BCHC.
  • Airdrop: Hold the BCHC will enjoy BitCherry ecology airdrop tokens for all applications.
  • Project Subscribe: BitCherry will collaborate with the Exchange, hold the BCHC will enjoy the right to subscribe to the new projects.With the development of ecological applications, the BCHC has more use cases, the application scenarios will be an increase. At that time, the cryptocurrency will move away from speculation, reflecting more application value.



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